28 September 2008


Since Gabriele thought I'd fallen into a gracht, I guess I'd better prove that I'm still very much alive.

Biochem is doing its best to put an end to that, though.


Busybusybusy! Still going to do NaNoWriMo this year, though! There's another chemistry student who also does NaNo so it'll be teh awesome! We can sit in the Proton room (Proton is the chemistry student organisation) and drink tea and have word wars. Yaay!
Maybe we should go to some of the lectures as well, in the odd chance that we might actually learn something.
Well, to make sure I don't get too caught up in various aspects of Roman daily life I'm not doing historical fiction this year, but a fantastic whodunnit parody called The Snuffing of Jeeves. I am proud to present... A short description of what will soon be a mess of ufos and ninjas!

The 100th annual butler conference is being held in a grand hotel on the Yorkshire moors, once the manor house of the respectable Lord Butterbrayne. But things are not as idyllic as they seem... One of the butlers disappears. Then he is found, but unfortunately he has died in the meantime.
Can superintendent Trenchcoat and his new sidekick, the young and very much inexperienced sergeant Plimsoll, find the murderer without cancelling the traditional village festival?Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

Mhm... I can already smell the Nobel Prize for Literature!

So all in all I'm doing absolutely terrific. I've learned so many things. Well, chemistry obviously. But also, what it means to be a student.

You know you are a student when...

- All your white clothes have turned a delicate shade of blue because you just stuff everything in the washing machine
- You have not worn and will never wear the white Norwegian IChO team t-shirt because it should stay white :P
- "Tea" has its own field on your monthly budget
- Any two ingredients can be combined with tomatoes to make pasta sauce (peanuts and tofu, anyone?)
- socks are overrated
- grandma rocks
- so does McMurry
- and waiting on trainstations because you can read McMurry and get funny glances from the people around you

I think I can say for sure there's more to come :P

Dear mum, dad, uncle, aunt, whoever reads this - last week I ate the last of the Kvikk Lunsj I bought at Gardermoen. SOS!