4 October 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009!

Yaay! Less than a month to go and I actually have a plot! Though to be honest, it's messy. And knowing NaNo it'll only get messier.

This year it's sort of fantasy. 'Sort of' because the only difference with our world is that the country where it all takes place doesn't really exist and the kinetics of chemical reactions are slightly different there. But other than that, it's, er, realistic. No magic or unicorns or whatever. Maybe ninjas though. Definitely ninjas. Can't write without ninjas.

It's mad, though. It's my fourth NaNo and I've never been this well prepared. I, or rather we, since I'll be writing this with my boyfriend (yes, I know, it's sorta cheating, but not really, because we've got lots of different PoVs and we'll be writing different ones and there won't be story-overlap). Anyway, we have had this story in our heads for half a year at least. Over the summer we've worked out the plot, created characters, backstory, names, even bloody table manners! And I hope I haven't done too much of this insane planning because come November, there'll be huge amounts of craziness jumping up and down from my teapot to my fingers and trying to get into my novel. I dunno if the story will survive...

And just yesterday we got another huge plotbunny, for a totally different story of course and now we kinda want to write that. Eh...

Also, I still need to finish The Snuffing of Jeeves. Because I won NaNo07 I got to print a free proof copy (which says 'To be continued... Or maybe not' at the end) which is really cool but way too thin. You'll be happy to hear I just killed off Cicero though. He was attacked by the killer tomatoes (they started a revolt in the kitchen when the cook blew it up while trying to bake pancakes).

Hurray! I'm already in NaNo-mood!

The cool thing is, that I'll have an entire day off (time to write!) every week in November because.... because I'm only doing cool subjects like anorganic, organic and physical chemistry and not bloody molecular modelling (have put it off until next year, heh...). At least I hope I can do physical chem... The @# uni website messed up my application for it and by the time I figured it out the deadline had already passed (it made a nice wooshing sound as it flew by, but despite that, I can't help but hate it) and now I have to wait and hope and see if there's still room for me. Argh... More than two weeks 0_o I want to do physical chemistry! Last year's phys chem 1 course was awesome - we learned everything from thermodynamics to reaction kinetics by looking at cartoons of rabbits -

Argh. I've got it! The thermo-rabbit is a giant plotbunny!

*runs around in circles*

Oh, hey. Have a pic.
Boltzmann rocks!!!