31 January 2007

Bob II (too lazy to think of a title again:P)

After spending a small fortune on books last weekend, I thought it was time to start looking for a summer job. I spent the entire afternoon writing my application, and of course I almost messed it up: apparently my year of birth is 2007 :P I shudder to think what would've happened if I didn't see it in time. I guess I would've made a good first impression... *lol*
Anyway, I sent the thing to the bookstore, and I hope I get a job there. Otherwise I'll have to try at the supermarket, and I seriously don't want to work there. Fingers crossed ;)

And once again, I'm slightly stuck with my novel. It's not writer's block this time though, I know what's supposed to happen, but I just can't figure out how my character is supposed to find out, and how much he should know. He's not very high in rank, so he can't know *everything*, but he still has to know enough for me to know what is going on (did that make sense?).

I'm halfway through The Iliad now - it's absolutely brilliant. I had some trouble with Chapman's style of writing at first, but I'm getting used to it now. It helps to read it out loud.

And, I did say that I would post some drawings... Well, it's more of a sketch than a drawing. I did this instead of my Norwegian homework ;) It's a bit grainy, I know, you can blame my scanner :P

It's Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings movies, btw.


Gabriele C. said...

That's a beautiful sketch. I wish I could draw but that's a skill I totally lack. Sewing is another, lol.

Good luck with your job application. Bookstores are a lot more fun than supermarkets.

I wish I could help you with your character finding out something but I don't know him and his relation to the superiors who do know the things he needs to know. Would one of the officers confide in him?

Celedë Anthaas said...

My character (it's the Batavian one btw) had a brother who was an officer of some sort, and he usually told him what was going on and even brought him to a few of the meetings. But this brother got killed a few chapters ago, and the other officers have mixed feelings about my MC. A few of them hate him (he threatened to kill one of them). Civilis trusts him though, but he wouldn't tell him more than he needs to know.

I've managed to solve the problem momentarily (he's eavesdropping, lol). I'm going to kill lots of officers in the next battle (at Trier), and then my MC can take command of a unit. Or something like that.

I'll see if I can write a summary of my novel, or maybe of the Batavian revolt in general. But I have to finish my chemistry report first :)

Gabriele C. said...

They mess went as far south as Trier? Didn't know that. An essay about the Batavian revolt and a summary of your novel would be nice, but don't neglect your homework. :)

You've probably seen the pic of the Imperial Baths in Trier. There's one of the Moselle in my latest post, and here's one of the Roman Bridge. I've been to Trier in September 2006.

It would also be nice if you joined my Writing History forum; I'm trying to revive it and some new members would be fun. Especially another one interested in the Roman Empire. *grin*

Celedë Anthaas said...

Oh, they got even further than Trier! Tacitus writes (Histories 4, 61, translated by Kenneth Wellesley) that "The winter quarters of the cohorts, cavalry regiments and legions were dismantled and burnt, with the sole exception of those at Mogontiacum and Vindonissa." So their power must've extended to Vindonissa if *they* could decide whether they should destroy it or not.

But the Batavians didn't do all this alone :P They had the support of the Cananefates, the Frisians, the Tungri, the Nervii, and a few tribes from across the Rhine who thought this was an excellent opportunity to plunder Roman lands. Tribes from the south also joined in: The Treviri and Lingones decided to revolt against the Romans as well and form their own empire - The Gallic Empire. The Treviran and Lingonian auxiliaries deserted the Roman legions, eventually got these legions' support and got the legionaries to kill their officers.

Add this to the fact that it happened in the year of the 4 emperors, and you've got a lovely mess to write about :P

Great pic of the bridge:D Are you facing northwards or southwards? (Trying to figure out exactly where the Batavians would charge, lol)

I'll check out that forum :) I've got a runboard account somewhere... just gotta see if I can find my password anywhere :P

Gabriele C. said...

You surely picked a fun time to settle a novel in. :)

The picture of the bridge is taken downriver (facing the way towards Confluentes). I have some photos from the other side in my files, too, let's see if I can find a good one.

The Tungri, hehe, I know those guys. They were stationed at Vindolanda during the time Caledonia Defiant takes place. :)

The password for the forum is snorri23, btw.

Gabriele C. said...

Oops, I'm such a fuzzyhead - the picture I linked to is the upriver one, towards Luxemburg. I posted the downriver pic on my blog today.