14 January 2007

Grades, and books

First, another totally unrelated picture. I took this when I was on holiday in Northern Norway last year. It's not the best - I took it from a moving car.
Anyway. The first term of the school year is now officially over, and I already know my Geography and Chemistry grades. I got a 6 for both (that's the best grade - woohoo!), so I thought I'd reward myself with a book or two when I was in Trondheim yesterday. Well, "one or two" ended up becoming five:

The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer)
The Phantom of the Opera (Leroux)
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (Hugo)
The Call of the Wild & White Fang (London)
The Encyclopedia of World Mythology

*sigh* My wallet is looking very empty and sad, and my bookcase is becoming dangerously cramped. But at least I have enough books to read. I finished The Histories today, and started reading The Iliad (Chapman's translation).

I'll be getting the rest of my grades sometime next week, and I've decided that for every 6 I get, I'll buy myself another book. Fingers crossed ;)

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