7 January 2007

Where's the snow?

It's supposed to be winter. There hasn't been any snow since October. Not that I mind very much, because snow makes biking very difficult. But when there's ice instead of snow... augh! How am I supposed to get to school without breaking any bones when the cycle lane is covered with an inch of ice? And downhill too... Maybe I can buy myself a good pair of ice skates and skate to school...

This is what it's *supposed* to look like now.

Anyway! I got The Histories for Christmas and I'm currently reading it, something I probably should've done *before* starting to write my NaNo-novel. But, I only found out about NaNo sometime in October, and then it took me a while to figure out *what* I was going to write about, so there wasn't much time left for research and planning.
Am I reading The Histories when I should be finishing my physics report? Yep.

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