2 January 2007

Woohoo. School.

Why on earth does school have to start again on the second of January? I only got three hours of sleep last night, and lack of sleep and triple physics is not a good combination! I've got all sorts of numbers and formulae spinning through my head... Well, the next physics lesson isn't until Monday, so I've got about a week to finish my physics report (didn't have to hand it in today *grin*) and figure out a way to get the correct answer. Somehow I ended up with 0,4 N instead of 3,0 N, and that can't be good. Okay, enough of this physics ranting. I'm starting to bore myself :)

My novel is going reasonably well. I started writing again today, after a break of more than a week. I've almost got 100.000 words now, and the end is in sight. Another 40 k should do it I think, and that shouldn't take too long. During November I did more than 2000 words a day, but since then it's been going rather slow. But anyway, the end of January is my goal, and I think it's reachable. Well, if the characters cooperate that is...

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