27 March 2007

Pictures & procrastinating

I sacrificed some chocolate to the weather gods last weekend, and I think it worked. It's been abnormally warm for the last few days - more than 10ºC - so I biked home from school in my t-shirt today. The snow is almost gone from my garden now *cackle*

I should be learning for a Norwegian test tomorrow but it's way too boring. I still need to read a hundred pages or so. Ah well. It's essay writing so it shouldn't be too bad. There are always five or six topics to choose from so if I read 20 pages and learn that well I should be fine. I feel like procrastinating some more...

Pictures. Yes, pictures. Random stuff from my sketchbook.

This one is *old*, I think I made it two years ago, perhaps even more. It's the cover of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. The original art is by Jason Cockcroft.

The hobbits on Weathertop! :) Which I never finished... Merry is still sketchy, lol.

And a sketch of Faramir. It originally had Boromir too but he looked creepy so I cut him out on the computer.

Galadriel. Not happy with her eyes >.<

Another drawing after a book cover; this time The Silver Branch by Rosemary Sutcliff. The original art is by Richard Jones.
As you can see, I never finished this one either (his hands are still sketchy) and I don't know if I'll ever finish it. His arm is positioned all weird, it looks like he has a dislocated shoulder >.<

This was drawn for an art school project, just finished it today. Ignore that freaky eyebrow >.<

And... erm... art school randomness :) I saw this pic in a book about birds and *had* to draw it.

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