17 June 2007

A bunny

I'm being stalked by a huge, vicious plotbunny, and I can hear it sharpening its little claws for the attack. Listening to the Led Zeppelin song Achilles Last Stand and reading the Agricola at the same time probably wasn't such a good idea (yeah, I'm studying hard for the exam), because if there is one thing I do not need right now, it is a plotbunny ready to jump on me at the next good opportunity. Maybe I can catch it, put it in a box, and leave it there until November, or at least until Tuesday afternoon.
But I have done some practicing for the exam as well - as a matter of fact, I've got a 20 minute presentation (and I'm quite astonished by the fact that I managed to speak French for 20 minutes). It's slightly too long, so I'll have to change it a bit tonight (apparently they're really strict with time limits, ugh).

Ah well, off to cram some more French verbs. I spent a good part of last night speaking French to my wall while listening to Led Zeppelin, eating ice cream and drinking wine. Probably the weirdest exam studying I've ever done.

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Gabriele C. said...

Oh, now I'm curious about that little plotbunny.

I started preparing for my written Biology examn the night before it was due, and kept myself awake with a mix of coffee and cognac. I suspect I was more than a bit tipsy the next day, but it didn't do any harm, I passed with an A. :)