18 July 2007

Just a random post about my trip to Trondheim

Today was supposed to be my first day off in about two weeks. Then at 8 AM the boss called and asked if I could come to work. No way. Day off means day off, and besides, we'd already ordered tickets for the cinema. So I hung up and went back to bed, lol, and got another couple of hours of sleep before the bus left.

Before the movie we had some time to kill (and some money to spend, at least that's what I told myself) so we did our usual bookstore round. I was a bit disappointed by Norli today. They normally have a lot of different books, including a decent amount of historical fiction, but today their shelves were almost empty. But I did get a lovely illustrated copy of the Divine Comedy at Avalon, plus the usual cheap paperbacks at Ark. There my cousin also managed to freak out a shop assistant by asking him all sorts of questions about Shakespeare, the Canterbury Tales and if they had a cheap paperback version of the Divine Comedy. Apparently the guy had never heard of Dante.

All in all I got 11 books, none of which fit on the shelves unless I start throwing schoolbooks out (might just do that... who cares about physics?). And I already have tons of unread books. So why do I keep buying more? Good question.

I also spent a small fortune on ice-cream and chocolate. There's a little shop in the city centre where they sell Belgian chocolate, Dutch liquorice and about fifty different types of tea... I love that shop. I love it almost as much as the bookstores ;)

The Order of the Phoenix was surprisingly good, actually. Much better than the other four Harry Potter movies. Luna Lovegood was brilliant, Bellatrix was creepily insane, and Umbridge was fantastic - I wanted to strangle her from the moment she first appeared on screen, lol. There were obviously some changes but they were mostly minor, and at least they didn't add scenes. What annoyed me most was that it seemed so rushed (as usual) and neither Voldemort & co nor the Ministry's influence seemed very threatening. I would've liked to see the students (and teachers) put up some more resistance to Umbridge - they left out the Portable Swamp, and the best line of the entire book, "Give her hell from us, Peeves", wasn't included either as there was no Peeves. There weren't any Quidditch scenes either, but as they are pretty much the same each movie I didn't mind much.

And I'm a bit annoyed because the local bookstore won't have a midnight launch for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but I guess I'll just have to get up really early on Saturday and be there when they do open. Maybe I'll grab a sleeping bag and sleep outside the door, lol.

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Gabriele C. said...

Oh, nice collection of books.

You need to make a trip to Ikea and get some Billys. :)