19 August 2007


... starts again tomorrow. If you ask me the summer has gone way too fast. I haven't done much except working (and writing and drinking tea, but that goes without saying). A whole new year with physics and boring history teachers and cliché essay topics. Hurray.

I'll live. I found a new online bookstore. Or rather, a collection of many small bookstores. Second-hand mostly. Ridiculously cheap. Lots of good stuff; including a lovely volume called "Ethnic identity and imperial power - the Batavians in the early Roman Empire". I saw it in a bookshop in the Netherlands and stood drooling at it for a long time until I saw the price ;)
But this second-hand copy is a good deal cheaper. We wantss it precioussss, and we wantss it now.

I'm not going to buy it.


I'm going to buy it as a reward once I have 220 k.

(Cue fanatic, chocolate-induced typing spree)

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