21 December 2007

Hello birds! Hello trees! I'm alive! I'm alive!

Somebody hasn't posted for a while!

I have excuses, honestly. The Russ Revue took the entire weekend. But that's two weeks ago. Anyway, it went well - I didn't forget my lines. I can't believe the mess we made though. It took hours to clean up the next day, even though there were about forty of us. According to the drama teacher our revue was the best one for at least 20 years.

The planning could've been better though. I hardly had time to study for my math exam (which was of course just a few days later), but I discovered that it is possible to learn 200 pages in five hours, even without chocolate covered coffee beans.
The fact that I had to present my rune project the same week didn't help either. I'd been "working" on it for two months, with a friend, but you know, we're both procrastinators... It was all a bit last minute. But the project itself was fun to do. I like runes (I use runes when I NaNo in class...). I thought I'd write a post about my project because my blog is slipping more and more from random posts about history & literature to rants about physics.
Did I have time? Nooo... There was a history test, and of course they asked all the cliché questions. Why did WWI start? I really felt like writing 'Archie Duke shot an ostrich because he was hungry' but I doubt my history teacher has a sense of humour.
Then I discovered to my horror that I was a little behind with my Norwegian homework. Procrastinators unite! ... Tomorrow. But I did it. Five essays in two days. And in Nynorsk too. Ivar Aasen will be the next to be stampeded by penguins.

Today was the last day of school. Miraculously, the headmaster's speech lasted for less than ten minutes. That's a record. Unfortunately, during the time he had left he decided to call up the students who had qualified for the next round of Abelkonkurransen, that national math test. In front of the entire school. And I had to go up there and be handed three diplomas - math, chemistry and physics. Why couldn't they have just sent in in the mail?!
To make matters worse, none of the diplomas has my name spelled correctly. Seriously, how difficult can it be?

Anyway. Christmas holidays. For once they're actually long - two whole weeks! I'll see if I can write something about runes, but don't get your hopes up. I seriously need to start studying for the second round of those science tests, and I have to work a good many days.
I worked this evening, and it was insane. Christmas madness is upon us, preciousss! Hundreds of people running through the supermarket, all of them dropping by the meat & deli. Buying all that traditional Christmas food and whatnot. I've never seen it so busy. I think I did a cubic metre of dishes today, and that was only a part.

I don't want to go back tomorrow. It's just too busy (and of course the boss doesn't think it's necessary to have more people at work. Idiot). It's getting on my nerves. Why is everybody so stressed anyway? Whatever happened to peace and calm and all that Christmas stuff?

So far, my cat is the only one who is in a Christmassy mood.

No actually, I'm alright. Swedish tv is showing a Led Zeppelin concert. Yaay!


Gabriele C. said...

Well, the cat has the right Christmas attitude. :)

What's going on with the novel? Did you de-ninja and de-UFO the Nano part already, or are you going to write the entire first draft like under Nano conditions? All that homework surely would be an excuse to have some fun.

Celedë Anthaas said...

At the moment nothing is going on in NaNo07. I have hardly written anything since I got my 50k. No de-ninjaing either (why on earth would I want to do that anyway?)
When I have some time on my hands I'll continue writing - NaNo style, but hopefully without the penguins... :)