27 February 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

They've published the results of the second round of the Physics Olympiad. Guess who qualified for the Norwegian finals! *grins* March & April will be quite busy for me. I'll be in Oslo for the chemistry finals for a week, then I'm off to the Netherlands to take my Dutch exams, and then it's back to Oslo again for the physics finals.

Of course the muse chose a time like this to come back with a ton of ideas...

I've decided to put NaNo07 away for the time being and start editing NaNo06 instead. I've rewritten a few scenes here and there and already I'm getting new walk-ins and plotlines. Geravan suddenly decided that he has an uncle who really needs a role, Thiadulf has deserted from the Roman army (ahem, wtf??), Marcus has become suicidal (I thought I knocked that out of him last year...) and Embric has finally told me his backstory. Well, technically Thiadulf told me which makes it even more complicated, because how the hell would Thiadulf know?

I've also started another writing project - a trilogy about Knut Hamsun and penguins. A friend of mine was so inspired by my penguin snippet that she decided to write about it herself, and now we've decided to do it together. We've got most of the plot worked out already (including why the penguins want to murder Hamsun) and my friend has a few scenes written down already. It'll be awesome :)

Bits of old stone, from Rhodes.


Gabriele C. said...

I hope you can make your Batavians see reason and behave like sensible novel characters. Wait, sensible and novel is a contradiction, isn't it?

Whatever, I want to read it one day.

Kirsten Campbell said...

Congratulations on the Chemistry! You'll do great.

It's good when characters finally let you know their backstories, isn't it? I remember spending months grilling my Marcus about his.

Then, of course, you get the ones who decide to just up and do something stupid, just when you had everything figured out... (glares at Edarnan)

Good luck with your Batavians.

Btw, any developments with that admissions fiasco?

Celedë Anthaas said...

Embric's backstory is getting ridiculously complicated now. I might have to write a prequel.

I think the Uni people finally sorted out the mess - I got an email saying they'd verified my personal details :)