15 March 2008


I qualified for the International Chemistry Olympiad! Second place in the Norwegian finals!

Had a great week. Lots of nerds; but everybody was nerdy in a cool way :)

And Amsterdam Uni, apparently, has decided to mess up my application even further. I got a letter saying I have to take an entrance exam in English. Wtf for two reasons. 1) I signed up for a TOEFL like it said on their website (which should be good enough), and 2) their exam is a colloquium doctum thingy and you have to be 21 to take those.


Gabriele C. said...

Wow, congratulations.

Gah, looks like Amsterdam university doesn't want you, stupid bastards. And there I thought German bureaucracy was the worst.

Kirsten Campbell said...

I second that congratulations. That's great news!

Dear Lord, who have Amsterdam got in charge of their admissions? Idiot needs sacked. Or given a swift kick where it hurts. I'm not sure which would be better...

Celedë Anthaas said...

Thanks :)

I think few things are worse than Dutch bureaucracy!

*sends ninjas after the admission people*