28 June 2008

Blah blah

Well, I'm getting somewhere with the prep. problems. I've done almost all of them now (except the ones about organic chemistry - I can hardly remember even the electrofile/nucleofile mess so I'm leaving that till next week when I'm at Oslo uni again).

I've got my exam results - a 5 for nynorsk, and 6s for bokmål, written math and oral chemistry. In other words, I've scraped together 23 6s and 3 fives over the last three years. That should mean one of the best diplomas in the country, harhar. Should be good enough for Amsterdam uni anyway...
Oh, I also got my TOEFL results (a really stupid multiple choice English exam). I got 677 out of 677 points and I needed only 550 for uni. Jeez. I still can't believe I paid 140 $ for it (and got up at 6 am to catch the buss to Trondheim). What a waste. I want my time and money back, lol.

And some more good news - the plotbunny about the Frisian revolt is growing! It'll be a sort of prequel to NaNo06 which is about the Batavian revolt (revolts rock my socks, btw). Apart from featuring the fathers/grandfathers of Geravan and Embric (who is a Frisian now, and no longer a Bructerian), Claudius Labeo will have a part as well, to explain why he and Civilis are so pissed at each other. Yes, this year I intend to write a serious story - no ninjas, no ufos, no talking salmon. Ha! As if.

I've also found out that Imerix' story isn't connected to Geravan's/Embric's in any way. Imerix did kill his brother (but it was an accident - "He sorta fell onto my sword accidentally. Seventeen times") and he's running away from his past, but his past is catching up with him. Once I get back from Budapest there should be plenty of time to write :)

And I've got a new blog for the 'blogs I read' list - my dear cousin is going to South Africa as an exchange student next year and has promised to blog all her adventures. We had a sort of farewell party today, since we're both leaving Norway. It'll be weird to leave good ol' Trøndelag, but I have to admit I'd love a short winter with real daylight, lol. Amsterdam here I come!

Oh, and I've changed my display name. Celedë_Anthaas is the username I made when I signed up for councilofelrond.com, when I was about 14. It's an ok username, but it's a bit, dunno, silly, long, unpractical. Whatever. So now I'm Smarty, which is what my kiwi cousins call me (silly English-speaking people - can't pronounce Marte). And it was also my russ name. Yaay.


Gabriele C. said...

Congrats on the examns and yay for good plotbunnies.

Acidentally fell into my sword. Oh yes. We have no idea what happened, Brutus was just demonstrating a new technique to use the dagger in close combat, and Caesar walked past and sorta fell into our daggers. He was a bit of a clumsy guy, though he never admitted it.

Smarty saves me to look for that ë and insert if every time I type your name. ;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Aaaw... I liked Celedë. Ah, well. Smarty it is. :)

Many congrats on the exam results! What a relief to get them out the way!

Must be summer. The plotbunnies are everywhere. Maybe you caught the ones that escaped from my suitcase while I was unpacking, lol. :)

(Lol, Gabriele, he was having one of them epileptic fits of his, and just... happened to slump down on the pointy ends. Yep. Uh-huh.)

Smarty said...

I think I've caught a few genetically mutated bunnies - ones that can adapt to any type of crazy Norwegian weather and can live off scattered chemistry notes and chocolate crumbs. 'Cause that's all the chocolate they'll find in my room. Crumbs.