9 June 2008

Nearly finished with school

Whew. Three exams down, one oral exam to go. I should be studying but I can't since I don't know what the subject is. They'll tell us tomorrow, and then we have two days during which we can study (or panic, or jump on the first plane to Siberia). With my luck I'll probably get either physics or religion (it's an ok subject, but unfortunately my teacher is a nutcase). I ended up with math for my third written exam. Typical. It was either math, physics or chemistry, and math was the only subject where I couldn't be bothered to read the entire textbook during the schoolyear. So I had to learn an entire chapter of statistics in just a couple of days. The exam went all right though, except for a slightly nasty trigonometric equation with sin^2 2x and cos 2x. Meh.

Anyway, the weather has been too nice to be inside these last two weeks (around 25*C, aka way too hot) so I've mostly been outside, writing. NaNo 2007 has reached that point where I have no idea what's going on anymore.

The rain's returned now, though, and it seems like it'll last for a while, so maybe I can get the storyline figured out.

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