27 August 2008

Does anyone remember me?

I realise it's been a while since I last posted. I've been busy with, well, everything. Never, ever more to another country or study abroad, unless you love going through tons of paperwork. Trust me, lol.

Naah, it's not that bad. I'm finished with the introduction week at Amsterdam uni, but I haven't actually started studying yet. And well, I'm not going to either. Not in Amsterdam anyway. This probably won't come as a surprise... I switched to chemistry. In Utrecht (yaay!). The application deadline for international students is 1. June but they didn't really care, lol.

It was a difficult choice, but I'm sure now that chemistry is the right study for me, and not ancient studies, fascinating though ancient history is. It's because of the chemistry olympiad, of course. Strange to think that I'm now a chemistry student... Probably this wouldn't have happened if the nerd in my chemistry class (remember him?) hadn't beaten me with one point in the first Norwegian round of the olympiad. I don't believe in fate or anything, but it is rather funny :P

Well, I'm very much looking forward to the start of the semester - I'll get to wear a labcoat and mess around in a lab a lot :D:D

Of course I still love history and will continue with my novels but it'll be a hobby and not my profession :)

Right, I'd better get a move on and fill in the last forms :D I hope to get a real post up soon-ish.


Gabriele C. said...

Well, chemistry will get you better jobs; all the archaeologists are starving, and since so a most writers, that's not a good combination. ;) And Utrecht is prettier, too.

I think I'll visit you some day. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, Martepia!! Chemestry is interesting too:);)
Si fra vess du savne kvicklunchen..
Oss neri Fjordgata

Kirsten Campbell said...

Good luck with the Chemistry! When do you start at Utretcht?

TJC said...

Hi, I just discovered this blog from the post about Bendik og Årolilja, and then saw this post and felt like I should say hi since I just arrived in the Netherlands a week ago to start a B.A. program here at Leiden University. So I totally understand what you mean about paperwork... there is a ton of it. Anyway, enjoy your Chemistry studies.

Smarty said...

I have some serious catching-up to do, lol!

Gabriele - archaeologists don't get to wear labcoats and safety goggles. And they're not allowed to dissolve stuff in nitric acid :P
I started three weeks ago, Kirsten :D So far, so good:D And welcome to my blog tjc. Dutch bureaucracy is crazy! I was lucky enough to bump into the study advisor for chemistry while I was at Utrecht uni. He thought it was brilliant that I was applying 3 months too late and got me registered within five minutes :D