15 August 2009

Woohoo! I'm an editor!

Have been for half a year, actually.

There's an organisation for Norwegian students in the Netherlands and they have a magazine and I'm the editor of that. Uh... that last sentence was a warming up exercise for NaNoWriMo, which I shall do again this year, but this time I'll write with my boyfriend (oooh, I'm cheating!) so we'll have to reach 100 k. Yikes.

Anyway. I have my own magazine. I only make 3 of them a year, but hey. That means a grand total of about 60 pages where I can brainwash some 200 people! w00t! I really want one of those journalist hats.

NaNo this year won't be hist.fic or whodunnit-parody! We're doing chemistry-fantasy (meaning fantasy, where the chemists/alchemists win in the end. Muahaha). Basically about 5 different parties are trying to seize power in this kingdom and they all end up fighting each other. It'll be fun. Plus the king is the kind of guy who sneaks down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to raid the cookie jar. Woohoo!

Right. Gotta write a very important article for my magazine. Penguins are taking over the world.

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Gabriele C. said...

Penguins are definitely taking over the world. And FM Writer chat where I made the mistake to introduce them. ;)

I'm not going to do Nano this year. I balked out halfway through last year because the story simply didn't work because I wanted to continue with my ongoing projects and not come up with something new. And since those novels are still not finished, no more Nano.

Or maybe I'll cheat. :P