17 January 2007

Too lazy to think of a good title... let's just call this post 'Bob'

Well, it's finally snowing, but as a matter of fact I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. Snow is rather nice, and it's easier to bike on than ice, but I don't like to be constantly reminded of the fact that spring is still three months away :) That, and snow isn't good for my bike. I had to walk home from school today because the brakes, chain, gears... everything was completely frozen. It usually only happens when it's colder than -15*C or so, so it's really odd.

Anyway. I still haven't gotten rid of my writer's block. I read somewhere that it helps to put your writing aside for a while and do something else, so I've spent the entire day drawing various forms of Celtic design. I've almost finished the first chapter (step patterns) of 'Celtic design; a beginner's manual', by Aidan Meehan. Great fun. I'll probably be spending tomorrow's math lessons drawing patterns...

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