20 January 2007

Hurray, books!

Well, I got my grades today, and I can buy eight books:D Or six actually, since I've already 'spent' my chemistry and geography grades. Anyway; I got 6s for *deep breath* written Norwegian (bokmål), French, social studies (don't ask me how. Stupid subject), maths, physics, history, chemistry and geography. Eight of my eleven grades were top grades. I got 5s for oral Norwegian and written Norwegian (nynorsk) and a 4 for Phys. Ed. (I can't play football to save my life >.< If only I could play badminton during phys ed...)

Now. The books. I have a looong list of books I want to buy, but I can only choose six. I've been wanting to get my hands on Les Lais de Marie de France for a long time, so I'll definitely buy that. The same goes for the Kalevala and Tacitus' Germania. That means I have three books left. The Divine Comedy is a possibility, and so is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Aeneid, The Twelve Caesars, a few of the Icelandic sagas, Celtic knots (Adain Meehan again), La Chanson de Roland...

And another totally unrelated picture.

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Gabriele C. said...

Hi, I just found out you have a blog, too. :)

Choosing books - I's say the Aeneid or some Icelandic sagas. Congrats to the grades; I never got good ones in physics, though overall my grades where nothing to hide. ;)

You can visit my main blog, too, I've everything from musings about writing, Roman history, Mediaeval literature and pictures of German landscapes and historical buildings.