9 March 2007


It's finally coming! It's been warm for a week, the snow is melting and there's hardly any ice left on the cycle tracks. But I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too much; the temperature can still drop below zero and it can start snowing again... But at least the days are getting longer and longer. I hate winter darkness!

And my novel is getting out of hand. When I started writing in November I was worried that I would finish the story before I'd reached the goal of 50 k. I had made a very rough outline of the plot and found that 26 chapters should cover it. The first five chapters or so were almost 2000 words each, which means I would just reach 50 k.
Then the chapters began getting longer - the last five or six have been more than 10.000 words. At the moment I've got about 112.000 words, and I'm busy writing chapter 20. Still six left in other words (if I stick to the original plan that is). But I'm not sure if six chapters will quite cover everything I still have to write about, I might need seven or eight (maybe even nine). And if they're all 10k... >.< I need tea, lol.
My characters aren't cooperating either. Suddenly some random guy will just walk up and say he's my MC's brother's best friend or something and that he's an important character. Well, there are always plenty of battles during which I can rid myself of these guys, but the problem is that although they don't really mind getting killed, they do not want to be cut out of the story completely. So I have to rewrite the previous chapters so they don't just come out of the blue like that.
My main characters are even worse. Don't get me started on them...

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