8 March 2007

Where did all the free time go?

... It must have disappeared while I was procrastinating. I was planning on doing a lot of homework last week, but, well, I didn't start until Sunday, and then I didn't have time to do more than writing a book review for French and do some last minute social studies cramming.

What I *did* do last week was reading and writing. I finished Njål's saga, it was great. A *lot* of different characters though (and they're all introduced as "Bob son of Jeff son of George brother of Harold who killed John the sister-son of Jim"). I tried drawing family trees to make it a bit easier, but, well... see for yourself:This is a small part of the upper left corner of one of the three pages I needed for it *lol* And the fact that my handwriting is almost illegible doesn't help much either...

No, it wasn't that bad, really. Half of them weren't that important to the story anyway, so it didn't matter much if I forgot them.

I've started reading The Sword and the Circle by Rosemary Sutcliff today. I shouldn't. I should be reading Norwegian poems from the 19th century for a Norwegian test tomorrow, but I just can't be bothered to pick up the textbook. I can read tonight, lol.

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last weekend? I was afraid that it would be cloudy, but luckily the clouds cleared away just in time! I took a few pics, nothing brilliant though (too lazy to get the telescope...), but anyway:
Next time I *will* get the telescope :)

Okay, time to stop procrastinating and get some homework done. Gotta start reading those poems, then do some physics, maths, geography, chemistry, social studies and history. Plus a French project (but that's not too bad, we were allowed to choose the topic ourselves - I'll be writing about the vikings in Normandy).

And... this arrived in the mail yesterday (took them long enough):
And it's even more beautiful on the inside!

Ahum. Yes. I'm going to stop procrastinating now.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, I remember those Icelandic geneaologies, they're in all the sagas.

Couldn't see the eclipse, there were too many clouds. Vikings in the Normandy are a cool subject. Even in French. :)

I got a new book - in German - about some important Germanic personalities, with essays about Arminius, Alaric, Theodoric, Geiseric, Ariovist and some others. And Julius Civilis. When I get at that one, I'll keep a lookout for interesting info.

I've seen you have a Faramir banner on your sidebar. *drool* He's one of my favourite characters in the book, and he was pretty hot in the movie.

Celedë Anthaas said...

I've only read Njål's saga & Gunnlaug's saga; Gunnlaug definitely has a more user-friendly cast list, lol.

That book sounds interesting, what's it called?
I just bought a book about the Romans and Germanic tribes and how they influenced each other. I haven't gotten any time to read it yet, but it looks good (Civilis is mentioned in a Norwegian book!), and it was cheap, lol (there's some sort of nationwide sale going on in the bookstores - it's the only reason I could afford Snorre :P)

Ah, yes, Faramir is nice ;)

Gabriele C. said...

Oh, I want a nationwide booksale. :)

The book is called: Ausbüttel, Frank M., Germanische Herrscher - Von Arminius bis Theoderich and part of the special annual collection of the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Darmstadt, a bookclub and publisher for academic books, mostly history, archaeology, literature and such. I leave way too much money there every year. :)

Characters that walk into books - don't get me started on that. *glares at Rekahari*

You should join the Forward Motion Writers' Chat, people there will understand such problems. We already have a guy from Danmark and one from Sweden, so you would make the Scandinavian trio complete, lol. You don't need to join the under 18 rooms, most of the kids hang out in the main chat anyway, and it has a PG13 policy.

Gabriele C. said...

Oops, part of that reply belongs to the later post.

Fayol said...

Glad your diversion involves Rosemary Sutcliff. Good idea! You might like rosemarysutcliff.wordpress.com