19 April 2007

Behold the power of post-its!

That's the wall in front of my desk. And I haven't even started putting up post-its related to my novel... These have physics formulae and French grammar scribbled on them (plus bits of Beowulf and the Edda) - you'd be surprised how much easier it's to learn crazy physics theories when you have post-its...

And here's the coolest handbag in the universe (yes, it's a moose).
My friends got it for me for my birthday (I love mooses, they're so incredibly cool). It was originally a backpack (for three-year-olds, lol) but I cut off the shoulder straps and sewed them together again to make a handbag (something which took me two whole hours because I suck at sewing :P)

But I've been doing other things as well besides handbag-sewing and scribbling on post-its. I'm working on an essay about the ballad Bendik og Årolilja which I'll post asap. It might take a while though. I'll be away next week - school trip to Iceland - and I've been rather busy this week too. I had to write a Crazy Column for the StCP - if anyone is interested in a crackpot theory about the fall of the Roman Empire, you can go here. Click the banner, then 'Crazy Column'.
Then there was a physics test, and I had to learn some twenty pages of French grammar. And of course I've been reading. I started reading the Kalevala a few days ago, it's very cool. The translation is good to - quite easy to follow but still with a mythological feel. The sixteen books I ordered last week still haven't been sent though (seriously, how long can it take to "process" my orders?), but my brother got me Sir Gawain and the Green Knight so that's what I'll read next.

And we wantsss it to stop snowing preciousss.


Gabriele C. said...

Iceland - *drool*. That's even cooler than the Hadrian's Wall where I'm going.

Love that essay about the fall of the Roman Empire. And I can so see more Green Holes covered by Purple Blankets. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Mhm... I think my history teacher is a GC spy so I spend history lessons making up crackpot theories with my friend (they all include chocolate, lol). And what better place to post them than on the StCP? :P

I actually voted York (that was the other option) because it would include a trip to the Wall, but the majority voted Iceland. It doesn't matter really, both are cool :)

Perhaps I'll finish the essay about Bendik & Årolilja before I leave (it's getting a bit long though, seven pages in word so far, lol). I actually have time this weekend - no homework (well, nothing with a deadline that is within the next 48 hours anyway)