29 April 2007

I'm back!

And still alive, lol. Had a good trip - everything went surprisingly well considering the fact that there were about 50 of us. The return journey was a bit of a mess though, our flight from Reykjavik was delayed so we had about five minutes to go through customs at Oslo airport and get on the plane to Trondheim (and of course our gate was on the other side of the airport). But everyone got on the plane, at least I think so.

I got home sometime in the middle of the night and went to bed in the early morning so my brain feels a bit fried - that's why I'm talking nonsense.
Since I hate coming home from holidays, I decided to do something called 'spring cleaning', which is basically taking everything off the shelves and putting it on the floor and bed and then somehow getting it back on the shelves in a more aesthetically pleasing way.
I haven't gotten to the last part yet so I guess I'll be sleeping on the couch this night.

Books on the bed, the rest of the stuff on the floor. Now why the hell did I start this 'cleaning' in the middle of the night?

I took some 150 photos of my trip, so I'll write a decent post with pics asap. In the meantime, here's a pic of Þingvellir.

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Gabriele C. said...

Welcome back. Nice collection of books you got there. :)

I'm looking forwards to pics from Iceland. I so want to go there, but it's expensive. *sniff*