24 May 2007

No exam, mad characters, and more pictures

Well, I won't have a written exam. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not. Now I'll definitely have an oral. I don't mind holding presentations, but the thing is that there are some really nasty subjects that I can be chosen for. I don't know which subject I'll get until 15 June - four days before the exam - but already the rumours are swirling around, like they usually do. French is the most probable one, I think. Nobody from my French class got a written exam. Half of my math class did, though, but only the ones who have German. It could be a coincidence, and then it could not. French is better than physics anyway (imagine having to hold a presentation about nuclear physics o.0 ). Anyway, it's too early to worry about that now.

My characters, that's what I need to worry about. I somehow got Marcus to Mainz - though not before he was starved and ill and had spent a good many nights outside in the rain with wolves howling around him. He arrived at Mainz half-dead, and guess what he did first? Well, obviously he had to rest and recover a bit and find out what had happened during the months he had been besieged at Vetera or wandering through the wild, but then... He started having these philosophical discussions with one of the surgeons of the 22nd about being left-handed and the meaning of life. It's completely out of place and not making much sense either, but they just won't stop and get on with the story. I'll give them another 500 words, and if they haven't finished then I'm sending in the ninjas. If they come to the conclusion that the meaning of life is 42, I'll kill the other surgeon and make Marcus walk to Rome. Barefoot. And this time the wolves will actually attack him.

Those wood anemones are in my garden, or rather, were in my garden. Dad says they're weeds and attacked them with the lawnmower. They're pretty much gone now, except for the ones under the trees, but they'll be back next year. They always come back :)

To the right is a picture of the forest which is practically behind my house, not far from the viewpoint. It's taken last summer, it's not that green here yet!

This one was taken last Sunday, still in the same forest. The flowers are wood anemones, they grow everywhere.This is one of the brighter parts of the path. There is a bit which is very steep and surrounded by tall half-dead trees, which are creaking ominously all the time as though they're about to fall down (which they sometimes do when there's a storm).
A dark forest with creaking trees about to fall down is obviously rich in plot bunnies, or rather, in plot meese (a meese is a moose which has been trained by the StCP, a mad chocolate-loving moose in other words):
I ran into this young moose two years ago. He had a sibling too, but he didn't come into the picture. Apologies for the fuzziness, but I didn't dare get any closer because their mother was not far off (and they attack).


Gabriele C. said...

That wood would be the perfect place to send some Romans. We all know how much they love those wild forests. ;)

Marcus needs a walk to Rome indeed. Discussing philossphy in an action-centered book. Really. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

The Romans would've loved it here, I'm sure ;)