29 May 2007


Aka the Southern Cross Novel Challenge. It's like NaNoWriMo, but in June, so that those poor people in the southern hemisphere have something to do during the winter months as well. A friend sent me the link, and I must say it does sound tempting. I have two days to think of a plot, exams in mid-June, lots of tests next week, I'm starting work on Friday and I still need to write a few physics reports.

But maybe I'll do it. Maybe. Improvising is fun.

I finally got Marcus to stop the weird philosophical discussions, but I still need to figure out what happens to him next. He has got to get back to the north somehow but I'm not sure how, or with which legion. Once Cerialis gets to Mainz there will be about ten different legions (including the two who surrendered) to keep track of and it'll take a lot of post-its to figure out which legion was where at what time. I think Marcus will just have to stay with the Twenty-second; it's easier that way. It means that he won't be at the battle of Trier (but Geravan will be there so it doesn't matter), but the Twenty-second did go to Xanten just before the invasion of the Rhineland. Marcus would love to go back there, I'm sure.

Okay, novel problems aside. My ankle hurts like hell. I've gone jogging almost every day the last month and twisted my ankle about a week ago. Well, it didn't hurt much then, but the day after we had a running test during phys ed, 3 km. I got a new personal best (14 min 31 s, two seconds better than last time, lol) but I also wrecked my ankle even further. I can walk and bike, no problem, but it hurts. Argh. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for all that walk-in character whose ankle I broke because I had to get rid off him somehow.

Say hello to my cat :)

Cats have the weirdest sleeping places...

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Andy Chilton said...

Aww hey, that would have been great if you could have joined us for SoCNoC :-)

In the end, we had 60 participants and 16 people finished, which is a great 26%. Fun was had by all - soooo - I hope you'll join us next year!