14 June 2007

Oral exam

Tomorrow I'll finally get to know the subject. The rumours still say it'll be French (and I think so too). However, my history teacher is sure it'll be history, my chemistry teacher thinks it'll be chemistry, my social studies teacher keeps telling us it's likely we'll get an oral in social studies, and so on. Nobody really knows, I guess.
I'm a bit nervous so I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. Just as well, because I have a couple of books to read;) I went to Trondheim today with a friend, so we could forget about the exam for a moment. Well, of course we ended up in the bookshop (actually three bookshops, plus a shop that sold fantasy stuff and had an entire shelf full of Tolkien books *drools*). One of the bookstores was having a bit of a sale (though a weird one, why would you sell books per kg?) so of course I had to buy a few. I also got a deliciously smelling type of tea (Earl Grey and dried cornflower, I think it is), a CD, and a huge Led Zeppelin poster (according to my friend that makes me a geek, lol).

I hope payday is soon because I think I spent a bit much...

I was going to write about another ballad today, but with all the bookshops I just didn't get around to it. Maybe next week, after the oral :) I should get some sleep now, but I'm too nervous. I think I'll just spend the night reading about how Beowulf rips Grendel's arm off.

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Gabriele C. said...

Lol, I came back from Britain with a few extra kilos of books as well - so not fun to carry them around.

Durham's Hannibal novel is very good, btw.

Good luck with the examn.