7 June 2007

The problem with bookshelves...

For my birthday in April I ordered a few books. They finally arrived last week (took 'em long enough...) and now I have a few small problems. I managed to cram them onto my shelves somehow, but it was very difficult to place them all 'correctly'. I sort my books by size, theme, alphabetically and chronologically, and that made perfect sense once. Now I have too many books for that system to work properly, so my shelves are a real mess.
I have a shelf or two (or bits of one) for each subject, so it should not be too difficult to sort all my books, you'd say. Think again. One of the problems is Arthurian fiction. I have Rosemary Sutcliff's trilogy about Arthur, which I've placed with her other books on my historical fiction shelf. To keep all the Arthur books together a bit I've placed my other books about Arthur next to it. But the shelf is more than full, and some of these Arthur books don't really seem to belong with historical fiction, like Chretien de Troyes' Arthurian Romances for example. That one ended up on a shelf for history books and classical and medieval literature. A part of me feels that it doesn't really make sense to have books about Arthur spread out across the room. They look a bit out of place on their own, and besides, the shelf with medieval lit. is very full already. It's right above my bed, so I'm slightly afraid that it'll fall down on me at night because of all the books on it, lol.
Another problem is my books about mythology. I have a shelf for Norse and Celtic mythology, but the Greek mythology books are still on the shelf above my bed with books about Greek history because they look better there. I have so many books which could be placed on two or even three different shelves. Where on earth am I supposed to put them? Should Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Tolkien's translation) be on the Tolkien shelf because he translated it, or on the medieval literature shelf with Chretien de Troyes? What about The Hound of Ulster (by Rosemary Sutcliff)? Should it be on the mythology shelf with my other books about Celtic mythology, or on the historical fiction shelf with Sutcliff's other books? Should Ivanhoe be on the historical fiction shelf or on the shelf with all my other cheap Penguin Popular Classics paperbacks?
I never thought putting books on a shelf could be so difficult ;)

And it's finally summer... I love it; it's the only time of year when I really like living here. It's so beautiful and light. I'm not far enough north to actually have midnight sun, but it doesn't get dark here in June. Just a few hours of twilight. It's beautiful. And everything is so alive in summer. Dandelions by the road, beautiful green ferns, rustling leaves, crying gulls, lilacs...

The midnight sun in Troms.

The weather is still beautiful, so when I don't have to go to work I'm lying in the sun with a book instead of studying hard for my oral exam. Something tells me I'm going to regret this later, but I'm just not motivated enough to do any homework. I've written a bit too. I decided not to write a new novel for SocNoc, but try to get to 190-200 k with my present one. It's not going very well. School is busy, work is busy, and the weather is too nice to be inside typing ;) And, of course, my characters are not cooperating, as usual. For some obscure reason Cerialis wants to speak with Marcus, and Marcus doesn't like him at all and is about to punch him in the face. Wonderful. I think I'll be needing ninjas in the near future.

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