9 July 2007

Here we go again...

I was rather looking forward to a quiet summer. A bit of reading, a bit of painting, a couple of walks in the forest with my sketchbook, perhaps a few bicycle trips down to the fjord to go swimming... Then Gabriele goes off and posts about Alison Kent's writing challenge: between 60 and 100 K in 70 days. I signed up in a moment of insanity, so now I'll be spending the next two months down in the basement typing till my fingers fall off.

And you know what? I love it. Nothing beats writing a conversation between a ninja and a Roman general at 2 AM while your on your twenty-second cup of tea and have to be up at seven the next morning.

I did NaNo last year and it was much easier than I thought; at the end of November I had about 64 k. Then I had school, homework, badminton training, art school and various chores. Now it's just work five or six days a week, and I have seventy days to write instead of thirty. Well, I do have one or two things to do, like finding out what I'm going to do after high school. I'll probably spend a few hours reading all sorts of Uni websites and panicking, but then I can kill a few annoying walk-ins to calm my nerves afterwards.

I've decided to leave the plotbunny for November and just continue with the Batavian revolt. I really want to finish the first draft this summer, so this writing challenge is perfect because it gives me a nice deadline. There are just a couple of months left of the revolt. I wrote the battle of Trier last week, and at the moment Civilis is at Xanten busy flooding the surrounding lands to make things difficult for the Romans (you can read more here)

The writing challenge started yesterday (Sunday 8. July). Before that, when I went to bed on Saturday, my word count was... Let's see...

Which means I need to have at least 238 328 words at 20. September. Ha. Piece of cake.

Now that I said that I really can't fail...

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