8 July 2007

Home alone

Well, almost. My parents and little brother are off to France and they've left the house to me and my older brother. He's just returned from a year in the army (just for the record, in Norway military service is compulsory. For males at least *grins*) and he's much easier to be around than my little brother.
It's great to finally have some peace and quiet. I can play music very loudly without anyone complaining (ha! So much for "quiet" :P) and I can stick my post-its on every wall in the house. I've got the computer for myself so I can write as much as I like (or I could if I didn't have to work six days a week) and nobody's telling me to go to bed early. Well, so much for the pros. The cons are of course mowing the lawn and cooking and washing. Not that we've done much cooking, mind you. Yesterday we couldn't be bothered to cook a decent dinner because we didn't want to do the washing up afterwards, so we ate military rations, and today I had frozen spinach straight from the packet (I like frozen vegetables). Somehow I don't think the next two weeks will be very different. My brother has the cooking skills of a baked potato and I'm too lazy to do anything except reading and writing. I might start jogging again next week. My ankle is pretty much back to normal again.

And I'll probably write about another ballad soon. But, for the moment I'm more interested in finding out exactly how the ice-cream machine works...

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