20 July 2007

I really need to start packing...

This will be my last post for a week or two, as I'm going on holiday tomorrow. I'm going to the Netherlands for a few days, and then to Belgium for a family reunion.

Hopefully I'll come back with a suitcase full of books and plotbunnies ;) And maybe a real snippet... I started writing a scene today that I've had in my head ever since December. I never got around to actually writing it because I prefer to write in chronological order, and the scene is a rewrite of one of the first chapters. But at the moment I'm so sick of that battle at Vetera that I just started on this anyway.

See you in August.

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Gabriele C. said...

Have fun. And when you're back, you can add a Rockin' Girl Blogger award icon to your sidebar. :)