10 August 2007

Tired? Me?


Exhausted? Not really.

Totally and utterly worn out? Something like that.

Forget 13 hours of overtime. Now I have 16, which makes a total of 48 working hours this week. My knees are starting to hurt (I have to stand the entire day). On the bright side; this week I'll earn enough to buy so many books that my bookshelves will collapse under the weight.

Not that they aren't doing that anyway, mind you.

This one is right above my bed. It's been there for quite a few years, but never with so many books on it.

It's sagging a bit, don't you think? I've heard it creaking too, in the middle of the night. Thank god they're mostly paperbacks, lol.


Gabriele C. said...

That doesn't look good. You better get a new one before the books kill you one night.

Congrats on the 200K. Quite a monster of a book. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

It would make a rather funny inscription on a tombstone though. "Killed by books". Lol.

According to dad it's secured to the wall with very long nails or bits of metal or whatever so it'll hold. As long as the wood doesn't splinter, I guess.

I'm still not finished yet! It might very well be 300K by the time I finish. I've got a few new walk-ins who insist on getting bigger roles (yes, Verax, I'm talking about you).