8 August 2007

Woohoo! I have 200 k!

Still a few words left for the writing challenge, in other words. And you know, this first draft might even be 300 k by the time I finish it - which will probably be sometime in 2034, if work continues like this (13 hours overtime in one week, is that normal?)

Anyway. I've finally gotten around to sending emails to those Unis I'm considering. I'm not sure if I can start in 2008 like I want to because it might take a while to get all my Norwegian report cards translated, and I have to take an exam to prove that I have adequate knowledge of Dutch, maybe an English exam as well, plus another ton of things. Bloody paperwork. It'd be so much easier if all countries just had the same grade system, and then a specific code or something for each subject. Then I wouldn't have to get all that stuff translated.

That snippet I was going to post still needs to be deninjaed. Maybe I'll post it this weekend :)

And I got one of these from Gabriele, yaay!

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