3 September 2007

I shot Geravan

Technically, Random Roman Walk-In #44 did it (at least I think it was him), but the result is the same. Geravan has been shot. He got an arrow in the shoulder and then "everything went black." That was not part of the plan (not that I had a plan...)

He isn't dead, or at least I hope he isn't. I think he's just unconscious, but I'm not sure. It'll take a while to find out, too. You see, Marcus suddenly started whining. Something about him not getting enough words, so he's demanding that I write a bit about him now. Damn you, Roman! Something very exciting had better happen now, or else I will send those wolves after you.

Or maybe... Hm... that might just work.

In the meantime I'm sending a few first aid ninjas to look after Geravan, while I go and make myself another cup of tea. Or else I might just burst into tears.


Gabriele C. said...

Hm, maybe one of the Batavians who had been in the Roman army is trained as capsarius or medicus?

Or Marcus could prove himself useful for a change. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Problem 1: Geravan is currently alone, in the middle of a charming place called "Nowhere" (he ran off)

Problem 2: Marcus is nowhere near Nowhere (oooh, that sounded funny)

Solution: Ninjas. And a UFO. They will kidnap Marcus, thinking that he has valuable information. When they realise their mistake, they push him out off their UFO (he'll get a parachute) and he'll land in the middle of Nowhere. Then I'll give him a knock on the head with the books I just bought so that he forgets the ninjas and the UFO. Then he accidentally stumbles across Geravan, and because he has been knocked on the head he doesn't realise that Geravan is an enemy.

Talk about deus ex machina :P

Gabriele C. said...

Sounds like a plan.

Maybe you should write Fantasy. Or wait, UFOs is science fiction, and that has nothing to do with Romans and Batavians. Or make that Alternate History. *grin*