4 September 2007

Problem? Not anymore!

Whoever said that sleeping on a problem helps, has obviously never pulled an all-nighter. They're much more effective, despite the black circles you get under your eyes the next day.

I spent a good few hours writing last night, with a torch in my hand, bedsheets pulled over my head, and a big cup of tea and a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans on the bedside table. My handwriting turned out almost illegible, but I managed to write the ninjas and the UFO out *grins* Replaced 'em with something a bit more, erm, normal, namely a river. Marcus is not amused. He's a lousy swimmer, which makes everything even more fun for me.

My physics teacher isn't too happy though, because I snored through his two-hour lecture on centripetal acceleration.

But... I DID IT! And I'm not just talking about the de-ninjaing...

234 875 words... I started the writing challenge with 178 328. That gives me a word count of 56 547. Then I have two loose fragments that I haven't managed to put into the main storyline yet, 1 216 and 2 400 words.
Total word count: 60 163 words. My goal was 60 k.

And what am I doing to celebrate? Physics homework! Hurray...

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