27 October 2007

Dear Plot

Where are you?

Less than 100 hours before NaNo (where did October go?), and I still have about half a million things to figure out before I can start writing. And I mean important things, like battles and figuring out who is who.

My outline is a mess. My characters are not cooperating. I already have walk-ins. Calgacus wants a part. Or rather, my Silurian rebel Cadwaladyr wants to drag him into some sort of alliance against the Romans. I told him he wasn't allowed to. He answered that if he could corrupt the Batavian auxiliaries, he could drag in some northern tribes as well.
And if that wasn't enough, Cadwaladyr also wants to be Caratacus' son. No. Definitely not allowed. You'll be the son of some random Silurian chief whose name I can't pronounce, get it? Bloody Silures.

Batavians are much nicer. They've all got names. They've got personalities. Plus they can cross rivers without breaking formation. Beat that.

The obvious exception is Claudius Labeo's sister-son, who is an arrogant, snobbish, nameless git. I hate him. He'll be fun to write though. I just hope Imerix can keep his temper - unlike Geravan, who broke Embric's nose. Which reminds me, those two still have to fight a little duel to the death. Yikes.

Merula has decided to be a tribune. Eleven minutes before the deadline he told me everything (apparently, he also is Tacitus' cousin, or something. Uhhh...) Damn. I really wanted a village idiot in my book. But I'll try to get that rude elm tree and Sammy the Fried Salmon into the story somehow.

Soooo... Walk-ins, characters who don't cooperate, unplanned battles, a bunch of druids with a combined IQ of about 17, and *grin* some twenty different kinds of tea.

I think I'm ready for November :)

Also, the second round of the chemistry olympiad will be in January (which means studying till I drop in December, yaay). Some 140 participants went to round two, and the sixteen best at round two will go on to round three. The four best from round three will represent Norway in Budapest.
I think I have a decent chance to pass the second round at least. Top 16? Ha! My 72 points were good enough for sixth place after round one... :)


Gabriele C. said...

I don't have an outline. Calgacus is still hanging out with your Cadwaladyr and smoking funny funghi instead of uniting the Caledonians. So far I've managed to keep Caratacus out, but Cartimandua wants to be in which means I'll have to write part of the story in first person as diary of Aquila's dad, Irminger still hasn't told me why he doesn't get along with his son Madalric, and the Cornelii start to piss me of really bad.

Oh, and my druid will apply for membership in the IQ of 17 club as soon as he works out how to sign his name. I think I'll borrow the talking elm from you so he has someone more intelligent to learn from. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Your druid is welcome to join the club, but keep in mind he has to do an IQ test first. He has to flunk it completely. Preferably by using the integral symbol, the pH of 0.1 M HCl, or Shakespeare quotes.