31 October 2007

3 1/2 hours to go!


If I had any sense I'd spend that time studying for a Norwegian test (whose bright idea was it to have a 5 hour test on 2. Nov?) but that's boring.

Staring at the clock is much more fun.

My plot is still half-finished. Chapters 4-8 are outlined thus: Battles. Skirmishes. Hill forts. Lots of people die.

Yeah, well. Who cares. Those chapters will probably be written around 10. Nov.

Claudius Labeo's sister-son is still half nameless. I think he got the citizenship after the revolt (because he was very sneaky and sided with the Romans) so he can be Flavius Labeo. Or just Bob.

I have no idea how I'm going to manage 50 k. I have a gigantic Norwegian project. Four 5 hour tests (two in Norwegian, and one each in chemistry and physics. Eeks), plus a few normal 2 hour tests. Some three essays to write. Normal homework. A new job (I'll be helping the first years with their math homework), though that's only one hour a week.

But I have chocolate. I have tea. I have nifty pens.

And 2 hours and 57 minutes until I can start writing. Argh.

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