4 November 2007

This is going well, I guess

Current word count: 7 283. Yaay.

I want to reach 10-12 k this weekend, and I think I can make it, despite the ridiculous amount of chemistry homework. The Norwegian test yesterday went crap, because I didn't study for it at all. There was a NaNo meeting in Trondheim on Thursday and that was much more fun than reading about Knut Hamsun. There were three of us, plus one morale support, and we ended up freaking out the other customers in a cafe, yaay. And we are all going to kill off important characters (muahahaha). Must be the lousy weather making us all depressed and eeeeevil (snow yesterday).

My cousin dropped by for a visit today. Apparently he likes ancient history. Never knew that. We discussed everything from Roman battle tactics to Agricola's campaigns (which made my brother roll his eyes), and he borrowed half my bookshelf. It must run in the family... :)

Publius Cornelius Merula is weird. He said he wanted to be a tribune but now he's suddenly prefect of some random auxiliary unit (Second cohort of ninjas, I think). And he keeps talking to Sammy the Fried Salmon even though he was eaten some 2 k before the story even started.
Maybe I should go easy on the Irish coffee-filled chocolates. Whoa.

8 107 words!

Hey, Merula, if you're ambushed by Silures, waving a salmon around won't help you. Ninjas, that's what you need!


Gabriele C. said...

Hamsun is boring anyway, ninjas are a lot more fun.

Celedë Anthaas said...

Couldn't agree more.

I have to read Markens Grøde (well, bits of it anyway) and that has to be one of the most pointless books ever. It doesn't seem to have a plot. Just a guy building a farm and ploughing the fields.


Gabriele C. said...

I had to read Svult. It was about a guy walking around and lot and musing about his crappy life. Oh, and trying to get something to eat - with the result that I ate too much chocolate while reading it.

Celedë Anthaas said...

Det var i den tid jeg gikk omkring og sultet i Kristiania, denne forunderlige by som ingen forlater før han har fått merker av den...

Those crazy writers never thought of the generations of school children they'd be torturing with their books.
I'm going to have a Knut Hamsun walk-in in my NaNo. He'll die in the penguin stampede.