15 November 2007

35 k!

The ambush took a little longer to write than expected. It became a major battle, with chariots and everything and lasted almost 10 K. But I got rid of one walk-in and stabbed another in the eye (he's still alive though, dammit). And the pink fluffy bunnies made their appearance (so that's one dare down, three to go). It was rather funny. They had chariots and spears and war paint.

Characters are getting whiny though. Cadwaladyr still hasn't shown up, which is a good thing I guess, since both Merula and Imerix (my two POVs this year) would kill him if he did. At the moment Imerix is still loyal to Rome. I hope he doesn't stay that way because it's boring.
And Flavius Labeo... Yeesh. He was supposed to be just another annoying officer. Just some Batavian who is very pro-Roman and overly cultured, and who had stayed loyal to Rome through the revolt and was rewarded with a citizenship, who feels very superior to Imerix because Imerix took part in the revolt and was rewarded with a dead family instead of a citizenship, blahblah. They know each other somehow.
But I've realised that Labeo is actually just mocking the Romans. He's poking fun at them. Suddenly I'm not sure if he's on their side after all.
And there's a family feud of sorts between Flavius Labeo's family and that of (drum roll) Julius Briganticus (Civilis' sister-son who stayed loyal to Rome during the revolt). Which makes everything nice and complicated.
And Flavius hates Imerix. I don't know why, but he absolutely loathes him. I think Imerix has a dark mysterious past, and it annoys me because he told me that he was just random person #34 who only played a minor role in the revolt.

I'm not sure if Flavius Labeo is still Claudius Labeo's sister-son. Might have to edit that (in December obviously). But anyway. I'm starting to think that Flavius might actually be plotting.

Wish he'd tell me, though. He's about to tell Merula something important now (or so he says) but I have now idea what it is. That of course means that I am very stuck. Perhaps I can get Merula very drunk so that he just blacks out.

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Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, characters love to keep secrets from us, the sneaky little buggers. I've found turning them into a human sacrifice usually makes them cooperate a bit better. ;)

Congrats on the 35K!