8 November 2007

Why does everything happen in November?

Writing during class is good for word count, but that's about the only thing it is good for. I think I'll start paying attention during physics at least. My school had decided to participate in the Physics Olympiad as well (as if the chemistry one wasn't enough *rolls eyes*) and I didn't hear about it until, well, yesterday. And the test was yesterday. So I was not prepared at all, but I think it went better than the chemistry olympiad (and that one went well...). I managed to answer all the questions at least.
As long as my score is higher than the nerd's, I'll be happy :)

I don't understand why it all has to be in November, though. What's wrong with October, or even September? They put Abelkonkurransen in November as well (that is a math test they hold every year throughout the country) - on 1. Nov. And the teachers didn't tell us until an hour before they gave us the test. They did that last year as well, only then it was somewhere in the middle of November. I'd slept very little because of NaNo and got a very bad score (40/100, but even that was good enough to qualify for round 2 - though I never actually got around to doing round 2, haha). This year went better - 78/100 points, which should be enough for round 2 but I don't know yet. And I don't want to either because round 2 of this math thing is one day after round 2 of the chemistry thing (makes sense, right? Gives you about a day to prepare for a gigantic and frighteningly difficult math test).

I really should get a move on with my Norwegian project. Thank god it's only an oral one, but there is a lot of research involved (it's about runes). And I'm doing it with a friend who is in another class so we don't have the chance to do much at school. We're going to Trondheim on Monday to interview this professor. Awesome. But it means less time for writing.

I really wanted to reach 20 k today but I guess it's impossible. The campaign against the Silures is just starting and it's a bit difficult to write because I didn't do any planning. I guess I could kill Madaluin though... Hmm...

And the printer isn't working. That is a bit of a problem because I need to print an essay for school, and I really don't feel like writing it all out by hand. I think I'll mail it to myself and hope the school computers work (that would be a bloody miracle...)

Okay, I realise I'm just rambling, so I'm going back to my novel and see if I can add a battle somewhere.

Edit: 20 k, I did it! Am so going to regret this tomorrow at 7 AM, though. I now have less than five hours to sleep before the alarm clock goes off. Who cares.

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