29 November 2007

Why the Romans never came here...


May:These are not mountains, but hills. Low hills.

June:Okay, so this is from northern Norway. I'm rather happy that I don't live there :)

November (we had snow in October too but I didn't get a pic):
Yeah, I used a flash for that one. Shame on me. I was too lazy to get the tripod, and there's hardly any daylight. The sun's above the horizon for less than six hours a day now (and I'm at school then), and for most of the time it's hidden behind the hills anyway.

But I wish the Romans had come here. Not only would that mean nifty ruins filled with plotbunnies, but maybe, just maybe, I'd actually have hypocaust heating that works. The guy who came over to "fix" the heating earlier this autumn will be written into my novel as human sacrifice.

Okay, granted, it wasn't so bad today. For the first time in about a week the temperature in my room has risen above 15*C. Hurray.


Gabriele C. said...

Ohh, you have snow. I so want snow but I haven't got any decent amount for years. *sniff*

With all that oil, why does a heating in Norway not work? Human sacrifice is too good a fate for that idiot; feed him to the cat.

Celedë Anthaas said...

Because... the electrician sucks? I think dad has given him a call. With some luck the guy'll be around before May to fix it (gotta love speedy Norwegian service). Thank god for fleece blankets, lol.

You can have the snow. All of it. Except the bit that is on the road down into the valley. Biking downhill through half a foot of snow every morning is rather fun :)