1 December 2007

NaNo is over...


Total wordcount this November: 53 842. Errrm.... Not as good as last year, but I got my 50 k so I guess I should be happy.

However... Titus Flavius Labeo, I am going to murder you! You're allowed to plot as much as you like, just tell me which side you are on! Are you a pro-Roman Batavian, or do you just pretend to be? Are you actually Batavian? Who is that stranger you were talking with? Who are you planning to overthrow? What did Julius Briganticus do to piss you off so badly? Do you actually trust Imerix? If yes, why are you so bloody keen to make Merula distrustful of him? If no, why did you give him a promotion? Who are you anyway? Why don't you think that stranger guy won't accomplish whatever he intends to accomplish? What have you been drinking? Why the f do you want to help that stranger anyway? Or do you actually? Does anyone suspect you? Did Frontinus give you orders to be sneaky to win the Silures' trust?

*bangs head against desk*

I kinda miss Embric and Verax. They were a piece of cake to write compared to dear old Flavius Labeo.

Edit: Help. What do you do when your MC is sent on a mission of certain death? I'm not sure what the mission actually is, but I know it's a mission of certain death. Wait... it could work if this was later in the story.

I'm so glad I did not make a detailed outline, because nothing is going according to plan.


Gabriele C. said...

Congrats on winning Nano.

Lol, re. mission of certain death - look at the plight Madalric finds himself in right in the first chapter. I know he'll survive, but I have no idea how. One day, something will pop up and then I write the scene. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Aaah, but I write in order! One event leads to another, and since I don't know what'll happen next I can't skip ahead (did that make sense?)

Anyway, next year I want a plot :)