29 January 2008

It's official!

I'm a bloody genius. Further proof of that arrived today...

*insane screams of joy which can't be transfered to a blog post*

I qualified for the Norwegian finals of the Chemistry Olympiad!

I can't wait 'til my brother comes home on Thursday so I can rub it in (he never got past the second round).

Anyway. This means I'll be going to Oslo for a week to take a crash course of advanced chemistry, with the sixteen other finalists. Four of us will be chosen to represent Norway in the international contest.
It's so good to know that all the studying I did during the Christmas holidays wasn't a complete waste of time :)

The nerd qualified too, btw, but that's not all bad. Now at least I'll have plenty of motivation to work. Muahaha.

I'd hand out chocolate to celebrate if I could figure out a way to upload it. Meanwhile, have a pic of Orakei Korako, a geothermal area in New Zealand. Very pretty, but with a not-so-delicious smell of rotten eggs.
And bugger, I still need to finish my poetry analysis. No, hang on, I still need to get started...


Kirsten Campbell said...

Congratulations! I hope you do really well. I've no doubt you will. And I salute your ability to do Chemistry. I just have to glance at my sister's textbooks to get dizzy. ;)

*hands out virtual chocolate* Not as good as the real thing, I'm afraid, but it'll have to do. :)

Gabriele C. said...


Chemistry is actually quite fun; it's Physics that sucks. I wonder if I had qualified for such an Olympiad if it had existed back when I went to school.

Good luck with the next round. You can beat that nerd. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Gabriele, the International Chemistry Olympiad was organised for the first time in the 60s, but there are plenty of countries which only joined later (Norway participated for the first time in the 80s sometime). It's a shame you never got to participate, because it's fun :)

I've sorta grown up with chemistry (my dad used to be a chemistry teacher) and I'm one of those people who easily understands science. Even physics (with the possible exception of electromagnetic induction :S )