4 May 2008


Let me tell you about my fantastic week.

1) Got an email from the IB-Groep. They're the guys who keep messing around with my uni stuff (though they're not actually connected to the uni - they're in charge of scholarships and entrance exams and demand that I send everything in threefold, maybe because they lose two out of three files). Anyway. The email said I needed to apply for a scholarship. I go to their website, read through eight paragraphs of, well, crap. "With this you can benefit from the ease of our fantastic new system while you're studying". At least they have a sense of humour. The small text at the bottom reads: "Unfortunately you can't use our fantastic new system if you live outside the Netherlands. You'll have to fill in these forms instead". Bugger. To order said forms, I had to call them. Unfortunately, they'd all decided to take a week off. That in itself is no crime. I mean, it's hard work, messing up people's applications. But it should at least be possible to order forms by clicking on a link on their website. It's the 21st century, after all.

2) My physics teacher thought it'd be a good idea to have a 5 hour physics test on Wednesday. In the middle of the russ celebrations. Eeeeeevil.

3) I'd been planning a trip to Trondheim with friends for the last two weeks. Then, in the last minute, my friend's parents decide they're going, which means we can't go because my friend has a slightly insane dog which can't be left home alone. Never mind the fact that we're russ only for seventeen days and want to get some knots in Trondheim (there are a couple of hilarious ones which can't be done where I live). Hmpf.

4) Remember the painting of that Batavian guy with the crocodile slippers? I've been working on it for months (though only about an hour or two a week, I'll admit that). It's gone. Can't find it anywhere. I'm sure I left it on it's usual place by the paint supplies at art school, but it's nowhere to be found.

5) My chocolate supply seems to have vaporised, and a Leif Eiriksson plotbunny is nibbling at my toes (this is not a good time for that!)

I'm whining, sorry. Bad case of pms.


Gabriele C. said...

Well, I've wondered a bit if the Netherlands are trying to beat Germany when it comes to bureaucracy. But they still have a long way to go.

Stamps on university documents in the county of Baden-Wurttemberg have to be round, and if you have a rectangular stamp from a Bavarian university, you'll have to drive back 120 miles to get the right - round - stamp in order to have your certificates get acknowledged.

Beat that. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

Okay, that's bad.

I have to apply to three different institutions/organisations/collections of bureaucracy-loving idiots at the same time. And those three don't agree with each other. Nr 1 tells me they need my high school diploma in threefold. Nr 2 just sent me a letter that it's not necessary for me to send in my diploma at all.