15 May 2008

Computer trouble

It's my computer's fault I haven't been online for nearly two weeks. First msn started giving me error messages, then I couldn't access the control panel anymore, then it refused to load google search results and blocked half of the websites in the world (including blogger and hotmail).
The virus scanner, which is supposed to do an automatic virus scan every three weeks or so, apparently deleted itself a while ago (which is why there was no warning).
Luckily there was still some anti-spyware programme installed, and fortunately I was able to download a new virus scanner (good thing that site wasn't blocked), so I'm slowly getting things back on track.
Msn and the control panel are still giving me error messages (though only on my account, not on my brother's), google still refuses to load, but I was able to check my email & blog just now.

Obviously I've still got a lot of patching up to do. I hardly have time for that now, so I might not be online until June. Exams start next week, and tonight I need to work on a chemistry project which is due tomorrow. I dunno what I'll do - try to wrestle it from my computer or start over again.

On the bright side, I got the results of my Dutch exams - passed them all.

(If you hadn't already guessed, I'm writing this on my dad's computer)

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