19 October 2008

Being a student is fun. Uni rocks. My classes are pretty cool too. Sadly we've just finished organic chemistry (one test left, but no more classes) so for the next two weeks I only have biochemistry and math (and lab). I like math. Don't like the prof though. And the fact that we've learned just about nothing so far. Other people in my class have though - apparently they hardly learn anything about vectors at secondary school in the Netherlands. Needless to say - we do in Norway! So I'm ahead of the others in my class :D

Not in biochem though. Personally I think it's an insult to call that class bio*chem*. There's not much chemistry in it. It's biology. There was a bit about amino acids that actually had a little bit of chemistry in it, but apart from that it's all been tRNA, mRNA, 5'-3' direction, ribosomes... WTF. Gimme some formulae, please, or I'll go mad!!!

Meh. Just a couple more weeks and I'll have physical chemistry. Hurray!

I'm still camping at my uncle's. It's insanely difficult to find a room - there are organisations but they have waiting lists from here to Tokyo. And if you want to avoid the waiting lists you have to know the right people. I check for room ads pretty much every day and ask other students if they know anything, but so far no luck.
Ah well. Could've been worse. My uncle lives in the city centre - it takes me less than 15 minutes to bike to uni. And I've just bought a couple of big fluffy pillows. Unfortunately I have no one to throw them at :(

Also, I'm nearly finished with the chapter outline for NaNo! I know who the murderer is, I know why s/he killed Jeeves and I sorta know how Trenchcoat will figure it out. I can't wait to start writing, especially these chapters:

14. Cicero arrives. Lots of speeches. Cook blows up kitchen while trying to make pancakes. Tomatoes revolt. Cicero tries to save Republic by giving speeches and is killed by a particularly vicious tomato.

15. Characters go on strike because this novel is turning out seriously WEIRD

Yep. That's pretty much how I outline.

Just two more weeks. Aaaaaargh.... mfgdfgrbldf.


Gabriele C. said...

Nice to hear you have fun. Student rooms .... tell me. I've played that game in Göttingen and Stockholm.

Cicero killed by an un-Roman tomato. mwuahaha

*me doesn't like his boring speeches'

Hjørdis Johanne said...

marte,marte. please tell me you're on a high from dark chocolate and red wine while writing your brilliant story..?And Bob, I WANT to read it this time.
Mamma told me you're coming home next weekend and that you're bringing your friend..? I also want to join in on the family gathering. Anywhoo, I'm inviting myself to come and stay with you sometime during winter/spring in 2009(obviously under the premisses that you have your own doorm), and I'll of course bring new rations of Kvikk Lunsj. Ooooh, and I know this is tough, but you'll have to bring a bar of that red yucky chocolate bar that apparently tastes like the glorious Kvikk Lunsj. This is obviously stricktly under the purpose to demonstrate the brilliance of Kvikk Lunsj, so that your friend will no longer wander in the shadow of what could have been. The most magnificant taste sensation, that's what it is.
I had a bite of "the-chocolate-bar-who-must-not-be-named" yesterday, and my tummy cried in agony and pain, craving that glorious "Chocolate-bar-who-lived" and survived the German invasion.
Anyway, Krist Messe is going to be awsome, can't wait to see you again. I'll pop a bottle of South-African wine. Better dash now, the annual hostel christmas dinner(!) is on tonight. We're writing exams in two weeks, and school ends at 28th November! Alas!
Pray, do take care dear Bob, and have a safe journey home to vakre Noreg.
And nay, thou may not ask me why I write in English. My Norwegian suck after not having uttered a single word in three and a half months. I love thee!

Smarty said...

Gabriele - so do Roman tomatoes wear togas? 0_0

Lady Bob - I'm in the Netherlands, of course I'm high ;) This time the novel is supposed to be totally random and insane, so it doesn't matter if UFOs appear. Will see if I can get it printed somewhere so you can read it :D
I am indeed going home this Wednesday, and Jasper is coming as well (though the pineapple isn't).
And, ahem, bringing a bar of the red chocolate-that-must-not-be-named? DO NOT WANT!!!!!1 But I shall do it so that Jasper can taste the difference.
Then I will burn what's left of it and bury it (along with garlic, silver bullets, etc etc).
Farewell fair Lady Bob, my Norwegian sucketh as well :P

Kirsten Campbell said...

I immensely approve of your plot outline. Take that, Cicero! >:)

Sounds like you're having a ball at uni. I envy your ability to do chemistry. But mRNA, I know about that. Or I did. Once.

See you at NaNo!