5 November 2008

NaNo, NaNo, and no more biochem!

Title pretty much sums it up I think! I'm finished with biochem and can put those books away and not retrieve them until March or so :D There was a biochem test this Monday, I think it went all right - except for the fact that they had not set the clock back an hour for winter time, meaning I panicked completely because I thought I had spent two of my precious 3 1/2 hours answering three of the ten questions. I finished well on time - only found out about the damn clock later that evening.

But who cares about that. Also had a math exam, and this was much better because a) a vector is an entity with length and direction and not a messed-up sequence of DNA and b) their clock was right.

I've also started NaNo of course. It's going well. Today I wrote about 3000 words in some 90 minutes which is a record even for me, haha. My word count is 10.117 right now. The story is a real mess but hilarious - it's so much easier to write if you don't take yourself seriously.
(yes, Lord Butterbrayne's manor looks suspiciously like the Cecilienhof, I know)

Nothing has actually happened. I killed a guy in chapter 1, but "luckily this story is not at all about the murder of Robert Middleton" so it's okay. And I have a flock of murderous ducks, a guinea pig with an identity crisis and a Soviet spy called Nikolai Njetsosnugerov who has been working undercow-er (meaning he's been disguised as a cow for 29 years).
Also, I've done the pirate dare. I've got a chapter called 'The very normal life of Harold Johnson, part 1', and the next chapter is exactly the same except it's got pirates. Yaay. Now I'm going to write it again, this time with ninjas and pirates!

Also, since I went home to Norway last weekend you'll get pics.

Hope all your NaNo-novels are going well! If you're characters are annoying you can dump them in my novel if you like.

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