29 November 2008

I won NaNoWriMo!

I crawled across the finish line at 4.30 AM on Friday morning.

Before you start shouting hysterically - no, mum, I did not stay up half the night to write. I stayed up half the night because there was a ball and I got back at 4.20, and I spent the last few minutes writing the 87 words I had left.

So. I got my 50 k. Story isn't finished yet, though. I'm at chapter 10 or so (out of 22 planned... oh dear.)

Finished. Tired. Want to sleep. Have to do math. Don't think I will just yet.

Hm. Sleep.

Or read one of those twenty books I got at the book festival yesterday.

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Gabriele C. said...


I gave up this year. It's clear I should work on my 6 ongoing projects and not start anything new. The only thing Nano did this year was to turn Kings and Rebels into a trilgoy. *sigh*