17 December 2008


And I have a bloody good reason to rant too!

When I started studying, four months ago now, the exchange rates were highly boring and hardly changed - 8 Norwegian kroner to one euro.

Now, it's almost 9.6 NOK to 1 €.

My scholarship, which is paid to me in NOK, is now worth more than 2000 € less than it was in August.

2000 € is...
8 months of rent
More than 1 year of tuition fees
About 6 airplane tickets home to Norway and back
3 times as much as my schoolbooks cost
3 times the price of my laptop
etc etc etc



Gabriele C. said...

Gods yes, that sucks.

But traveling to Norway looks a nice bit cheaper on my side mow. ;)

Kirsten Campbell said...

Ouch. That does suck. As if students aren't skint enough already. :(

Gabriele C. said...

Hi, are you sill alive? :)