18 September 2007

Feeling better

Tea, dark chocolate and Led Zeppelin helps. Sleep too, but I didn't get much of that - less than four hours last night, because I had to finish my physics homework and then study for a religion test. I only skimmed through my notes so during the test today I just wrote six pages of very loose, vague Hollywood-ish nonsense (but some teachers like that so maybe I didn't do so badly after all...)
But the first round of the chemistry olympiad yesterday went lousy. I doubt I qualified for round two but who cares. Well, okay, so I care. I felt like I had the hang of chemistry. The teacher gave us exercises from previous chemistry olympiads and I could do them all easily. But either this year's was just ridiculously difficult or I had a very bad day.

Never mind. I finally finished a painting I've been working on since... March. Yikes. Well, okay, so I haven't worked on it at all this summer (didn't have the right paints:P) and art school is only 1 1/2 hour a week. Anyway:

Cuchulainn follows the Shining Wheel

I painted it after a painting by Stephen Reid so all credit goes to him, lol. I'm still not completely happy with that background though.

I've also started watercolour painting, something I've only done once before (and that was years ago). Fun. And it went quite well too. I haven't got a pic of that painting though, 'cause my art teacher is sending it to some exhibition. Eeeeeeks.


Gabriele C. said...

That's very nice.

I can't draw stick people to save my live, let alone some real thing.

Celedë Anthaas said...

The trick is to draw stick people first and then sort of add outlines afterwards.

Or something like that, lol.