26 September 2007


I spent (literally) the entire weekend studying for a physics test. I did every exercise related to the two chapters the test would be about. There are about seventy exercises a chapter, and it takes me between ten and thirty minutes to do one of them, so do the calculations, lol.
On the bright side, this studying-till-you-drop strategy ensures that I can do the most complicated calculations without much thinking. Yaay. Good thing, too; I thought the test was quite easy. Everyone else ran out of time.

I got the results from the chemistry olympiad: I got 72 points, out of 100 *cringe* So, yes, it went anything but well. I still don't know if I qualified for round two or not, but it doesn't really matter anymore... You see, the nerd guy only got 71 points and as long as I beat him I'm happy.
Even better: My religion teacher thought I did outstanding on that religion test. Apparently she loves vague, cliché-filled essays. That means that I can get a really good grade for religion without having to work at all. Maybe this year I'll even manage to scrape together enough free time to actually sleep the recommended eight hours a night!

Enough homework rants. Time for pics! Autumn has come to Norway, with rain and wind and frost, but yesterday it was warm! So warm that I wanted to go swimming. Didn't have time to bike down to the fjord, though, so I went out and took pics instead.

The only leaves in my garden that have actually turned red! The rest are all yellow.

Up there, on that rocky outcrop, is where I like to sit and write.

The rain and cold have come back though. Maybe I'll swim to school tomorrow. It'll be drier than biking :)


Gabriele C. said...
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Gabriele C. said...

OK, I can't type today. Must be some troll or nisse or whatever messing with it. :)

Physics is evil. I'm glad my school allowed to get rid of physics and maths the last two years, provided one took a master course in either biology or chemistry. Now, those were both fun, as were the whole languages / history / philosphy branches.

Thinking about Nano already? It's only a month left to prepare. :)

Celedë Anthaas said...

I haven't given NaNo any serious thought yet. Thought I'd search for a plot during the autumn holidays and do some basic research (and maybe find some decent names too because having seven characters called Bob, plus various Jeffs, Petes and Jims is getting on my nerves, lol).

You got a bunny yet? Or rather, which one are you going to write?:P

I have the choice between maths/English and chemistry/biology/marketing and physics/social studies/economics.
I can't stand social studies and economics so I chose physics, which means I need math. And I like chemistry better than biology (it's got explosions, lol) so...
History is compulsory here, but it's highly boring >.<

Gabriele C. said...

Those are odd combinations - physics or economics, really, they have a lot in common. *ironic grin* Both are no fun, though my father could have helped me with economics.

It's rather which bunny to write. :)